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Salutations to you, beautiful one. Let us come together to enhance and unravel the spiritual energy (prana) that lives deep within you. An energetic vibration that longs to purify and free the mind and body, that longs to be liberated, to be nurtured and grounded within you.

We invite the healing, wild, shakti energy into presence within the density of our bodies and we invoke, together, to receive all that has the capacity to transform and heal us.

In this workshop we will journey through a practice of unlearning to remember and cultivate a deep sense of alignment. This is a practice of subtraction rather than addition. There is a place inside of you that is both wild and still. Imbalanced and aligned. This workshop teaches us how to drop into the powerhouse of stillness and to align with your prana so that you can deepen the flow of life.

We will explore specific asana, ritual, sankalpa (intention), pranayama and meditation so that you can experience within this workshop the power of being in alignment on all levels.

When we start to experience being in alignment through the layers of the body and consciousness it becomes easier to make decisions in daily life that support what is true to us. This happens because we are living in the power of knowing; knowing what supports our divine truth, which looks different for each of us. From the food you chose to eat, the exercise you move through, the people you surround yourself with, your career, books you read etc. When we are out of alignment our truth becomes blurred and we begin to bring in more blurriness into our life through our choices. This workshop is the foundation to living a life in alignment. A life that is your truth and that nurtures your Dharma (purpose).

We will explore;

  • Daily ritual
  • Sankalpa (intention)
  • Daily pranayama (breath work)
  • Daily Yogic asana (poses/postures)

For you if;

  • Your soul has been gently, or firmly, whispering to you to come back to your centre.
  • You’re committed to unleashing and nurturing your divine power
  • You’re interested in implementing the Yogic philosophy and practices into your daily life
  • You want to begin exploring what your true purpose here on earth is

My Dharma (mission/vision) ‘To be of service through receiving, grounding and sharing these ancient traditions, teachings and philosophy of Yoga. To pass on the wisdom of divine light that wishes to be embodied to heal, support and empower oneness in all beings.’

Date:  19 June 2019

Time: 6:30pm – 7:30pm

Host: Holly

Cost: $29

Early Bird Rate : $20 Enter code AYP19 at checkout

(2 weeks before promo)

If you cant find us contact 0422 855 926 for directions.

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