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One on One Health Coaching


Coaching is your ticket to changing old habits and becoming excited and passionate about new ones that will enrich your well-being.

Whether you need help reprogramming old thought patterns and negative self-talk or you want to understand your unique body and what foods will act as medicine for you.. we have a coach that can help you.

Our Life Coaches...

Meg Linton

Uses her wealth of knowledge in human movement, brain patterns and yogic philosophy to support you through your hurdles with how you feel in and about your body. Her approach is real and attainable.
Meg is a voice for our modern epidemic of self sabotage and self obsession. Meg shares her personal experiences with this fear driven mindset and helps children and adults alike to see themselves as the light they truly are.
After experiencing eating disorders and anxiety, she helps those who are stuck in these patterns, release the blocks and move into a space of love and appreciation.

Holly Cootes

Is an Ayurvedic health coach and uses the principals of this ancient science to understand your unique makeup and devise a program for you based on this. She is a gentle soul with a grounding nature.
Ayurveda is not a diet, it is not a practice of rigid rules, it is not a science that focuses only on physical health or gut health. It’s also not a modality where you can take a supplement or herbal tonic expect things to shift.

Ayurveda goes deep into the subtle realm of who you are… It understands that you are not just a phycial body and that the food you eat and what you drink are not just the things that affect your body and your digestion.

If you are not sure who you are best suited to?

Bron Haines;

Our therapist coordinator can take you through a personalised health consult and guide you to your best approach your health and well-being.
Upon signing up for your 3 month Personalised Health Plan you will receive two short quizzes that give us the foundational information we need to understand your genetic tendencies.

Our support staff will book you in for a 30 minute consultation with Bron, our therapist coordinator, to delve deeper into your lifestyle needs.