Personal Training

Personal training is an attentive and fast track method to meet your health and fitness goals.

At the Sanctuary we are all about the push, but that won’t cut it alone. We know you need persistence, pleasure and progress too.

Your personal trainer will help you stay accountable to be persistent in your efforts. Having someone on your team, who knows your aspirations helps you do the one thing required for results in any area of your life, be persistant. Just keep on keeping’ on.

If it isn’t fun, you won’t stick to your program. Bree & Meg are not there to scream at you… they will certainly inspire, but in a fun way. They will teach you how to enjoy the pain of progress.

As soon as you get that first goal ticked off; a kilo dropped, an inch off the waist or nailing your push ups, it will help you stay motivated. Our trainers will track your progress so you can be proud of what you are achieving.


Brianna Kennedy

Certificate III & IV in Fitness

Master Trainer qualification (Australian Institute of Fitness)

Certificate II Sport Coaching

Industry specific training in : Kettlebells & Suspension ropes

About my style:
“I’m excited to work closely with you to create specific programs tailored to your personal goals. I offer constant support and motivation to help keep you accountable and will do regular check-ins to see how you are going and progressing towards your personal goals. I love to keep my programs interesting and exciting to make all sessions an enjoyable experience that will deliver the best results. I’m very passionate about helping you live the best quality of life and be the best version of YOU! “


2-on-1 Personal Training also available!


45 minutes:
1x session per week $50
2x Sessions per week $80
3x Sessions per week $120

60 minutes:

1x session per week $60

2x sessions per week $100

3x sessions per week $150


Meg Linton

About my style:
I love to move. Simplicity is key and less is more. Learning how to understand not only your body, but also your mind is key to how we function inside and out.

I focus a lot on balance, free natural movement, core and stability. Strengthening the muscles that support knees, hips and lower backs to help reduce inflammation and pain in these areas.

Don’t worry… you will sweat 😉

If you sit a lot or are challenged by lower back, knee or hip pain, learning how to move more freely will give your body the space that it needs to perform better.

We have to get ourselves out of what we know to move forward and progress. When our body is in Balance, not only physically we are well, but mentally also. Stress reduces and body fat goes down due to “feeling good”

Fun, playful, challenging and strength based movements to increase your energy and vitality.

Family, kids or double PT welcome. Enquire for prices.

Cert 3 and 4 Personal Trainer
Les Mills trained
Power and Yin Yoga teacher
Functional Suspension Coach
Movement Practitioner (Ido Portal Method)
50hrs Movement & Balance Soisci Porchetta

Student of:
Ayurvedic Coaching

50 min – $65
6 sessions (one free) $325

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