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Pilates is a class that consists of low-impact flexibility and muscular strength and endurance movements. Pilates emphasizes proper postural alignment, core strength and muscle balance. If you have lower back issues or need strengthening in your core area, this is the perfect class for you. This is a mat work pilates class.


Getting out of the box. Exploring new ways to move the body 3 dimensionally. Not only will you help your nervous system regulate, you will increase strength, improve balance, find mobility and most importantly, have fun!


This class gives a new perspective on what core strength and mobility really means. It combines the fundamentals of Pilates, ballet and light resistance training which will tone, sculpt and lengthen your muscles. This class will transform your balance and strength, modifications are made to suit all levels.


Strength and conditioning is our weights class focusing on heavy lifts with big compound movements together with mini workouts to get your heart rate up and the blood pumping. This session is a beautiful balance to our other function movement classes and of importance particularly for over 40's and bone density. 


Tone is a low impact weights based class. We push the muscles to increase your muscle endurance and tone with a variety of easy to follow exercises. Suitable for all levels.


Hatha Yoga is a traditional practice of yoga that's main intention is to awaken the energy within the spine. 'Ha' means Sun and 'Tha' means moon. This speaks to the balance that hatha yoga brings to the solar (sun, active, hot, masculine) and lunar (moon, passive, cool feminine) energy. Through asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra and mudra hatha yoga brings harmony to the physical body, energy body and mind. It yokes together these opposing forces that are within us, and outside of us. 

Soul Soothe

This class is unique from any other Yoga class on our timetable. You will always have a different experience depending on the moon cycle and star alignment. Some weeks you may explore the power of chanting and mantras, and other weeks the essence of essential oils. This class explores a slower flow through Asanas incorporating the breath to flow with the movements of the body. All levels welcome.

Yin /Yin & meditation

Immerse yourself in a deeply nourishing, long held asana to activate specific meridians within the body. Poses are generally held for a few minutes or more to allow space for the fascia (connective tissue) within the body to release, and to stretch us mentally. The Yin practice cultivates awareness of our patterns and beliefs when we find stillness which can be at times triggering, and can be a deeply releasing practice both physically and emotionally.


Finish the practice with a beautiful, nourishing, grounding and restoring meditation to complete your practice and see out your week. 

Check our timetable for extended 75 and 90 minute sessions that conclude the practice with breath and meditation.


Allow your body to flow and synchronise breath and movement as one. With a gentle awakening, moving your body into efforts and back to ease. This practice cultivates awareness of body, of self, and balances bringing heat into the body and cooling, soothing, nourishing aspects of the practice. 

Flow 2

This is our stronger version of Flow. Move your body to breath as one, gently awakening the body before moving through more dynamic strengthening asana. You'll find this practice more physically challenging, before landing on your mat to wind down, bringing balance through restful restorative movements.


Restore your body, mind and spirit with this deep and gentle practice. A beautiful combination of slow and steady asana movements with some lovely nourishing holds, incorporating Mudra, Mantra, and meditations all in tune with the moons flow and seasonal cycles. Mind Body Breath. 

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