Exciting Career Opportunity in Wellness


Redhead Wellness Sanctuary is a fresh upbeat wellness hub that has serviced our community since 2015.

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In a nutshell, we offer classes in yoga, meditation and fitness. Therapies such as; massage, naturopathy, reiki and health coaching and run courses/workshops in all aspects of health and well-being.


As we expand our services, we require a passionate and attentive Physiotherapist to join our team.


The new member to our team will have the following attributes:


  • Desire for growth within the sanctuary and personally
  • A willingness to fine tune skills and learn from the ground up
  • Loyal and committed
  • A supportive team member
  • A genuine love and respect for people
  • A strong desire to help others
  • Passionate about wellness
  • Attention to detail, notices the small things (We LOVE OCD!)
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Highly professional and knowledgeable
  • Initiative, patience, sensitivity and tact
  • Looking for a long-term career



The Role

This position is ideal for those starting their career on completion of study, those that have extensive experience in the industry and everything in between. The key aspect we are searching for in the successful applicant is that real passion, drive and love for what they do. We want someone that has a good eye for detail and quality in the service that they are providing. Our clients love the genuine care and attentiveness we show them and this is an important aspect of your role. Equally important is a physiotherapist that is highly knowledgeable and has up to date insurance and qualifications.


As part of our Therapies team your primary role will be to provide our members with a high quality experience. This is most importantly the consult and relative therapy itself, but you will also be required to perform other duties such as room prep/tidying, updating client notes and other tasks that are typically found in any clinic or spa setting. When bookings are particularly quiet you will be required to support the reception/admin team with certain tasks, which can include some cleaning and tidying of the Sanctuary studio and other miscellaneous duties.



Your career with the Sanctuary will commence with you steadily building regular client bookings whilst providing support to the Therapies team, and when required within the sanctuary to its other team members. The Sanctuary has a large and growing member base that participate in regular yoga and fitness classes. Our members are people that like to invest in their health and well being and need the service that you will provide them. Within our member base and local community there is much potential to quickly build a robust client folio.


Upon successful application for this role discussions about shift times and days of the week will commence. Some flexibility will be required initially whilst building a client base. A typical shift will be at least 5 hours duration.


The package

Casual Staff member $34 per hour for contact hours and $24 per hour of non contact hour. Superannuation contributions and loading is excluded in these values.


The potential

An important criterion for the perfect candidate is a desire to commence a long-term career in the wellness industry. Your desire to keep learning and furthering your work is important. You will have the potential to expand within your own vocation itself but also other modalities down the track. The Sanctuary is constantly growing and expanding and a practitioner that is well rounded and experienced in many modalities will enjoy longevity in their career at the Redhead Wellness Sanctuary.


The alignment

We are an excited and energetic group of wellness advocates looking for the right fit. Just as experience and credentials are important so too is your work ethic and core values and how they align with our ethos.

Every day we honor our values in the work we do. We use our vision to inspire us and have a thirst for growth and self-empowerment.


Our core values are;

  • Inspiration not pressure
  • We believe in connection above all things
  • Community is key
  • F*ck the industry
  • Balanced approach
  • Soul Space
  • We humanise the wellness movement
  • Place of acceptance
  • Sharing (by showing not telling)


Aspiring values;

  • We uphold a standard of excellence
  • We have initiative
  • We are a Sustainable Sanctuary


If this ethos gets you excited, we would love to hear from you.


How to apply

Please create a 1 – 2 minute video on how you align with our core values and why you believe we were meant to work together.

Send your short video with your name, phone and email to and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Please note, no resumes or written applications will be considered. Videos only please.


Have a beautiful day and we look forward to hearing from you,


Bron & the team