Fitness Instructors

Redhead Wellness Sanctuary is a fresh upbeat wellness hub that has serviced our community since 2015. To check us out, please visit our website: In a nutshell, we offer classes in yoga, meditation and fitness and therapies such as; massage, bowen, dry needling, cupping, spa treatments, naturopathy, reiki and health coaching and run courses/workshops in all aspects of health and well-being.


We are wanting to expand our team of talented instructors, initially as a fill in to cover classes with the potential to secure permanent class.



The new member to our team will have the following attributes:

  • Caring and compassionate personality
  • Desire for growth within the sanctuary and personally
  • A willingness to fine tune skills and learn from the ground up
  • Loyal and committed
  • A supportive team member
  • A genuine love and respect for people
  • A strong desire to help others
  • Passionate about wellness
  • Attention to detail, notices the small things (We LOVE OCD!)
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Highly professional and knowledgeable
  • Initiative, patience, sensitivity and tact



The Role

This position is ideal for those starting their career on completion of study, those that have extensive experience in the industry and everything in between. The key aspect we are searching for in a fitness instructor is passion, drive and love for what they do. We want someone that has a good eye for detail and quality in the service that they are providing.

Our clients love the genuine care and attentiveness we show them, and this is an important aspect of your role. Equally important is an instructor that is knowledgeable and has up to date insurance and certificates.

The Sanctuary has a large and growing member base that participate in regular yoga and fitness classes. Our members are people that like to invest in their health and well being and need the service that you will provide them.

While experience is honoured it is definitely not required, we love fresh graduates and seasoned veterans just the same. We are more focused on how you align with our values and what you can bring to the Sanctuary. The candidate must have the ability to plan and choreograph where necessary, classes of both strength and cardio base. Pilates instructing experience is also highly regarded. The candidate must also be willing to work autonomously, opening and closing the centre where required, process payments, and be available to members both prior to and after classes to discuss ongoing wellness and fitness goals/concerns.



The package

Employment is on a casual basis, initially as a fill in instructor with the potential to secure permanent class.

Rate is $50 per 45minute/60minute fitness class, $60 per 60minute Pilates/Yoga



The potential

Beginning as a fill in instructor, this role has the potential to secure permanent class.



The alignment

We are an excited and energetic group of wellness advocates looking for the right fit. Just as experience and credentials are important so too is your work ethic and core values and how they align with our ethos.

Every day we honor our values in the work we do. We use our vision to inspire us and have a thirst for growth and self-empowerment.



Our core values are:

  • Inspiration not pressure
  • We believe in connection above all things
  • Community is key
  • Fuck the industry
  • Balanced approach
  • Soul Space
  • We humanise the wellness movement
  • Place of acceptance
  • Sharing (by showing not telling)



Aspiring values:

  • We uphold a standard of excellence
  • We have initiative
  • We are a Sustainable Sanctuary
    If this ethos gets you excited, we would love to hear from you.



How to apply

Please create a 1 – 2 minute video on how you align with our core values and why you believe we were meant to work together. Send your short video with your name and phone number then email: