Your health is the most precious gift you can give your self and your loved ones.

Finding a place you resonate with is essential to help you shine and be all you can be.


Melinda Carbis-Reilly created the Sanctuary out of frustration. Her life long career in health and fitness saw her bouncing from one centre to another offering the services she saw important for helping our community find health and joy for life. Driving to multiple gyms to teach fitness and Pilates, to clinics to offer Naturopathy, conducting reiki healings in her home studio and teaching bootcamps and personal training sessions outdoors, she saw space in the wellness game for an integrated approach.

“I needed to create my own space that saw the human experience as a holistic adventure.” 

With that in mind, she opened Redhead Wellness Sanctuary in 2016 with one purpose;

To create a space for the people

“I wanted to create a place for everyone, all the high ends and blue collars to come together. A place that knows no judgement or boundaries and accepts everyone as they are.”

We believe every person deserves complete health and happiness and that is what we stand for.

The Sanctuary’s ethos for health is balance. We believe enjoying a variety of classes is key to your physical and mental health. We believe in eating that chocolate cake at your birthday and ditching yo-yo diets.

We love to serve our community with courses in health and life, all served on a bed of inspiration and sprinkled with a dash of fun and lightness.

The wellness and spiritual movement can sometimes feel a little woo-woo and serious. We are here to flip that on its head. Life is supposed to be fun, and learning how to be authentic should feel natural… not all weird and hippy-like.

We are a collaboration of down to earth professionals who are passionate about your every experience with us to be beyond your expectations.

Check out our coaching page for a variety of services, including online heath support.

We look forward to meeting you soon. x

(hippies are welcome 🙂 )