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Our Wellness Journey


Redhead Wellness Sanctuary is a home away from home to support your well~ness journey; An all encompassing journey to living your most vital, vibrant physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self. Creating a space for you to be inquisitive, foster awareness, and connect to yourself and community on a deeper level. Our core values are centred around connecting and being of service to community. 

I'm a mum of 2 beautiful babies (4 and 19 months), Jacob, my partner and co-director of The Sanctuary, who also has a background in mindset coaching and mental health. My background is in yoga and mindset, after completing my first yoga teacher training 10 years ago now, and having spent the last 4 years supporting mamas through mentoring in preparation for birth and postpartum. After many years of being in the pregnancy, birth and motherhood space and particularly teaching hypnobirthing I branched out to offer my own unique program to mamas to be. 


My  intention is to meet you where you are, and support you on your journey from feeling stuck, disconnected, lacking motivation, struggling with your health, to provide bodywork/fitness/mindset tools, breathwork/meditation and other spiritual practices, energetic healing, lifestyle and health support to live your life with more energy, more connected to self, feeling well, all while being apart of a home away from home.

You can read more about  our whole team, who offer their own uniqueness, flair and flavour to the Sanctuary below, because we wouldn't be who we are, without them. 

We welcome you into our (your) space to begin your journey to well~ness. 

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